Students exploring museum practice as creative process.

Williams College students animate the museum's collections and convene around art and ideas.

About the Program
The Agents for Creative Action program is on hiatus for the 2023–2024 academic year.

Are you a Williams College student looking for fun ways to engage with the museum? Email Rachel Heisler to learn more about our robust and wide-ranging internship program and to find out about other exciting opportunities for students to get involved.

WCMA’s Agents for Creative Action (ACA) is a year-long program for Williams students that explores museum practice as a creative process. ACA participants animate the museum’s collections, exhibitions, and spaces through the development of original projects and programs, and contribute to museum-wide initiatives. During weekly training sessions with staff, they develop storytelling skills and exercise creative thinking and making.

Some projects the group has worked on include:

This is a part-time paid campus position consisting of a mix of weekly meetings, as well as independent and group work. If you are in need of filling the full 8 hours for work-study, we can ensure you will be able to do so. 

  • The program is designed as a full academic year commitment. 
  • Attendance at weekly meetings is required for participation.  
  • Attendance at and participation in WCMA programs is highly encouraged. We will share a list of program dates at the start of the semester.
  • We expect you to be active participants in all aspects of the program through the entire year.
  • We expect you to see projects through and support the team of which you are a part.

Applications open at the beginning of each academic year and are advertised through Daily Messages. These applications consist of a series of open-ended essay questions about applicants interests, experience working collaboratively in group settings, and thinking about student engagement, creativity, and the arts. No previous museum or art experience is required.

Agents for Creative Action, 2021-2022
Emily Du

Madeline Gaudlitz

Benet Ge

Cindy Ge

Calen Geiser-Cseh

Angela Gui

Joseph Messer

Anna Miklas

Krysten Ortega

Aiden Pham

Ethan Richmond

Javier Robelo

Blain Solomon

Lina Wang

Elijah Washington

Tiffany Wu

Agents for Creative Action, 2020-2021
Ariel Brodey ’21

Rachel Buccalo ’23

Emily Du ’24

Calen Geiser-Cseh ’22

Meadhbh Ginnane ’21

Sameer Khan ’23

Emma Larson ’21

Victoria Liu ’21

Weiwei Lu ’23

Joseph Messer ’22

Krysten Ortega ’22

Ethan Richmond ’24

Javier Robelo ’22

Ingrid Song ’21

Alexa Walkovitz ’21

Benny Weng ’22

Agents for Creative Action, 2019-20
Erica Gibble ’20

Sameer Khan ’23

Ariel Brodey ’21

Victoria Liu ’21

Joseph Messer ’21

Annie Miklas ’22

Krysten Ortega ’22

Javier Robelo ’22

Leah Rosenfeld ’20

Crispin Jay (CJ) Salapare ’20

Alexa Walkovitz ’21

Ben Ward ’22

Benny Weng ’22.

Agents for Creative Action, 2018-19
Samuel Grunebaum ’19

Perry Weber ’19

Molly Murphy ’19

Dawn Penso ’19

Andrew Wallace ’19

Whitney Sandford ’20

Victoria Liu ’21

Meadhbh Ginnane ’21

Kaira Mediratta ’21

Joseph Messer ’21

Ingrid Song ’21

Erinn Goldmann ’21

Elba Obregon ’21

Ariel Brodey ’21

Javier Robelo ’22

Catherine Yeh ’22

Benjamin Ward ’22