9/6/19 - 12/31/20

Kevin M. Murphy, Eugénie Prendergast Senior Curator of American and European Art, and Horace D. Ballard, Curator of American Art

WCMA’s canonical collection of American and European art offers students and the Berkshire community access to key works of art. And yet collections, like ours, that have been shaped by the Western canon undeniably present an incomplete history of artistic achievement that often obscures the contributions of women, queer folk, persons of color, artistic collectives, and makers we cannot identify. With this legacy in mind, this exhibition probes the question: how do we use historic collections of art in ways that respond to the questions and values of today? Presenting work from three centuries of artists who have borrowed from other cultures or found inspiration from community in places other than where they were born, this installation highlights WCMA’s shift toward highlighting multiple material and intercultural interpretations of works in our collection.

Selected Images