Sustaining Wellness Event: Tea Tasting, Art Making, Film Screening

An art-filled retreat inspired by personal & environmental wellness

Warm up at the Williams College Museum of Art with a film screening, zine making, tea tasting, and mug decorating. All are welcome. Free. Organized by WCMA’s Agents for Creative Action.

Make a Zine Page

Join us in making a zine – a small self-published work that gets circulated in the greater zine-making community! Whether bold and expressive or meticulous and ponderous, you simply cannot go wrong as a zine maker. Within your own page, you get to use markers, crayons, collages or any available material, to make a drawing, doodle a train of thoughts, or write an essay, if you will. Share your thoughts on wellness, the environment, and the quirky but effective things you do to destress and ground yourself. These pages will be combined into a zine and even people beyond Williams College will get to read and appreciate it.

Tea Tasting

Jia from Truth Tea Tell, a tea seller based in Western Mass, will be joining us to talk about the Chinese tradition of tea ceremonies and tea mindfulness practice. Listen to Jia discuss the deep connection between tea and wellness, and warm yourself up with a selection of traditional Chinese teas as well as Indian masala chai. You will also have the option to create your own chai mix to take home with you along with instructions on how to prepare your own chai.

Screening of Salt of the Earth

We will be screening the critically acclaimed documentary The Salt of the Earth, an intimate biographical look at the Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado. The film is co-directed by Wim Wenders and Salgado’s son, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado. A sensual and visceral narrative, the film speaks about the photographer’s reflection on war and peace, conflicts, humanity, and our fragile yet precious connection to the environment and nature. We also see the balance Salgado keeps in his professional career, the subtlety interweaving controlled detachment and affectionate personal involvement, which interplay and conflict with each other as he lives in different communities in the world, both as a member and as an observer.

Mug Decoration

Wind down and express your creativity through mug art! Taking inspiration from environmental consciousness and wellness, bring your own ceramic mug to decorate with recycled materials and other art supplies. Feel free to use your mug for our tea tasting. Mugs can be provided to those who do not have one while supplies last.

January 25, 2020
3 PM
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