5/14/10 - 6/6/10

The senior studio exhibition celebrates the culmination of each artist’s work. This year features the work of 16 Williams College art majors:

Audrey Bell, Ethan Buchsbaum, Ashley Carrera, Janay Clyde, Andrea Currie, Kristine Ericson, Ana Inoa, Rebecca Kane, Meghan Nidever, Sharon Ron, Marco Sanchez, Bret Scofield, Emma Steinkraus, Ambika Thoreson, Peter Tierney, and Michelle Williamson.

The Class of 2010 has worked in a variety of media, including oil and acrylic paint, ink, photography, video, monotype with hand coloring, wood cut block, an artist’s book, linoleum prints, etchings, a shelter constructed of small stretched canvases, and two performances, one involving burning small sculptures made out of matches and another performance of 100 people wearing silkscreen T-shirts with “mirror image” texts. The students’ work shows a diversity that ranges from portraiture, to obsessive abstract work, to composites of Miss America, to process work that employs the “wrong” side of an etched copper plate with its stains, scratches, and accidental marks.