6/1/20 - 12/31/20

This past year, our Agents for Creative Action student collective has been creating original content that engages the museum’s collections, exhibitions, spaces, and community. Watch a series of interviews they conducted over Zoom with some members of the museum staff; flip through their zine, inspired by the recent exhibition SHIFT: New Interpretations of American and European Art; and print and color designs based on works of art in our collection.

Familiar Faces: Museum Staff in Conversation with the Agents for Creative Action

Interviews conducted by Erica Gibble ’20, Victoria Liu ’21, Annie Miklas ’22, Javier Robelo ’22, Leah Rosenfeld ’20, and Crispin Jay Salapare ’20.

Every semester, the museum’s Agents for Creative Action group goes behind-the-scenes and meets with members of the museum’s staff. After the campus turned over to remote learning in March 2020, the group proposed developing a series of virtual staff interviews. You can see the full series on the museum’s YouTube channel.

Familiar Faces: Pamela Franks, Class of 1956 Director

Familiar Faces: Lisa Dorin, Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs and Curator of Contemporary Art

Familiar Faces: Christina Yang, Deputy Director for Engagement and Curator of Education

Familiar Faces: Nina Pelaez, Curator of Programs and Interpretation

Familiar Faces: Victoria Liu ’21, Annie Miklas ’22, and Leah Rosenfeld ’20

The Agents for Creative Action’s “Unguided Guide to Thinking About Art”

Content and design produced by Erica Gibble ’20, Sameer Khan ’23, Ariel Brodey ’21, Victoria Liu ’21, Joseph Messer ’21, Annie Miklas ’22, Krysten Ortega ’22, Javier Robelo ’22, Leah Rosenfeld ’20, Ben Ward ’22, and Benny Weng ’22.

Over the past year, the Agents for Creative Action group has been digging into the museum’s collections, selecting a handful of works on view in the SHIFT exhibition to research and respond to. The students turned their thinking about these works of art into creative reflections that span the poetic, humorous, philosophical, historical, and artistic. These visual responses came together in the zine below.

The Agents for Creative Action’s “Unguided Guide to Thinking About Art”

During Winter Study 2020, the Agents for Creative Action hosted Sustaining Wellness, a program at the museum. During that program, the group collected submissions for creative “cures” for the ailments of our times. This zine was compiled by the Agents for Creative Action team, with cover design by Javier Robelo ’22.

Coloring Pages

Designs and content produced by Javier Robelo ’22 and Alexa Walkovitz ’21.

These coloring pages take inspiration from works of art in our WALLS (Williams Art Loan for Living Spaces) collection, our building, and works of public art. Please feel free to download them, either by right-clicking and saving onto your computer or by simply dragging and dropping them. Then have fun coloring the images and discussing the prompts!