9/15/17 - 12/30/17

Christina Olsen, Class of 1956 Director
Jessie Sentivan, Curatorial Assistant

What happens when you see the museum’s collection through the lens of one color? And what happens when that color is PINK, a hue rich in history, symbolism and cultural relevance?

Utilizing a series of algorithms written by Williams students, Pink Art explores the overlaps and tensions between technology and human curation. Do people agree on what’s pink, and what isn’t? And do algorithms correctly predict what the human eye “reads” as pink in a work of art? Asking these questions, the exhibition examines the fallibility of artificial intelligence, what we mean by “curation,” and the cultural and biological contexts of how we interpret the visible world.

To help the students producing the algorithms, we made a crowdsourcing application that asks people to choose pink from a color palette. Take part in it here.

The crowdsourcing application is a collaboration between the Williams College Museum of Art, the Department of Computer Science, and the Office for Information Technology.