7/11/19 - 8/15/19

Paul de Jong
Paul Ramirez Jonas
J. Morgan Puett
Kameelah Rasheed
Macon Reed
Jordan Stein

Nina Pelaez, Interim Associate Director of Academic and Public Engagement

Sites accross the Williams College campus

O•lo•gy /ˈäləjē/ noun. A subject of study; a branch of knowledge.
In this playful riff on the academic experience, artists take on unexpected fields of study in a series of hour-long interventions across the Williams College campus. Afterwards, sip, snack, and socialize at WCMA Summer Space.

5:30 PM | Each week, an artist takes on an unexpected field of study at sites across the Williams College campus.

A group will walk from the WCMA Summer Space to the event location at 5:10 PM.

6:30 PM | Reception at WCMA Summer Space

76 Spring Street Williamstown, MA
Mini Courses


July 11, 5:30 pm | Thompson Memorial Chapel at 860 Main St.

Curator Jordan Stein explores the study of ignorance in a reflection on memory, loss, and all that eludes us.


July 18, 5:30 pm | Lassell Gymnasium on the corner of Main and Spring streets

Artist Macon Reed stages a performance inspired by the therapeutic study of bodily motion that digs into questions of gender, optimism, and team spirit.


July 25, 5:30 pm

Artist Paul Ramirez Jonas explores the relationship between prediction, futurology, gambling and value. I bet you a dollar it will rain tomorrow.


August 1, 5:30 pm | Chapin Hall, 62 Chapin Hall Drive

Artist and composer Paul de Jong takes on the study of sound in the college’s historic music hall.


August 8, 5:30 pm | Sawyer Library, 26 Hopkins Hall Drive

Interdisciplinary artist Kameelah Janan Rasheed takes on the study of the end of the world in a project that explores premonitions, predictions, and the limits of human understanding.

Artist J. Morgan Puett

August 15, 5:30 pm | Griffin Hall, 844 Main St.