1/22/16 - 8/7/16

Elizabeth Gallerani, Curator of Academic Programs

Object Lab makes visible how works of art are used in courses across the curriculum. Professors deeply embed art into their teaching, students get extended access to the art, and the public gets a glimpse into liberal arts learning. This is the second iteration of Object Lab with different works pulled from the WCMA collection for a new array of Williams courses.

Courses using Object Lab in Spring 2016

Art History 102
Art Through Time, Professors Zirka Filipczak, Marc Gotlieb, Catherine Howe, and Michael Lewis

Art History 103
Asian Art Survey, Professor Heeryoon Shin

Art History 417
Gender Construction in Chinese Art, Professor Scarlett Jang

Biology 220
Field Botany and Plant Natural History, Professor Joan Edwards

Comparative Literature 345
Museums, Memorials, and Monuments: The Representation and Politics of Memory, Professor Katarzyna Pieprzak

Philosophy 216
Philosophy of Animals, Professor Joe Cruz

Sociology 242
Food and Society, Professor Darra Goldstein