9/18/15 - 12/20/15

Elizabeth Gallerani, Curator of Academic Programs

Object Lab turns our museum classroom inside out: it makes a public exhibition of the intimate art encounters that enrich learning and teaching across campus. Professors from a range of departments select works from storage. WCMA installs the eclectic mix in a space that supports sustained looking, offering a glimpse into what students are studying this semester.

Courses using Object Lab in Fall 2015

Mathematics 372
Complex Analysis, Professor Steven Miller

American Studies 307
Experimental African American Poetry, Professor Dorothy Wang

Art History 101
Art Through Time, Professors Peter Low, Stefanie Solum, Elizabeth McGowan, and Jason Mientkiewicz

Biology 311
Neural Systems and Circuits, Professor Matt Carter

Art History 221
History of Photography, Professor Catherine Howe

Art History 222
Photography in/of the Middle East, Professor Holly Edwards

Theatre 201
Worldbuilding: Staging and Design For The Theater, Professor David Gurçay‐Morris

Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies 396
Modern Pleasure, Professor Margaux Cowden

Africana Studies 200
Introduction to Africana Studies, Professor James Manigault‐Bryant

Art History 104
Materials, Meanings, and Messages in the Arts of Africa and Its Diaspora, Professor Michelle Apotsos