3/12/11 - 9/5/11

Elizabeth Gallerani, Coordinator of Mellon Academic Programs

Labeltalk¬†is an exhibition series that aims to explore works of art from a broad range of perspectives. Opening shortly after a major reinstallation of the permanent collection galleries, Labeltalk 2011: Art of the Ancient World highlights WCMA’s ancient collection. The seven selected objects demonstrate the breadth of eras, cultures, media, and subject matter that can be found in the collection. Nineteen professors representing seventeen different departments at Williams– from computer science to theatre–takes part, adding their perspectives on the objects in ways that underscore the rich teaching potential of art across the disciplines.

Labeltalk 2011 was organized by Elizabeth Gallerani, Coordinator of Mellon Academic Programs. It is the eighth in a series originally created in 1995 with the support of a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.