2/1/20 - 5/5/20

James & Jerome (Jerome Ellis, James Monaco, and Shawn Duan)

James & Jerome (Jerome Ellis, James Monaco, and Shawn Duan) present INK: A Piece for Museums.

A new show for art museums and theater spaces alike, INK is an art lecture, live personal essay, and electronic music concert all in one, developed in conversation with a collection.

In November 2019, James & Jerome were artists in residence at the Williams College Museum of Art. Along with media designer Shawn Duan, they explored the museum’s collection, drawing inspiration from objects across centuries and global cultures. This April, accompanied by Duan’s stunning visuals, James & Jerome perform a lush live score as they lovingly analyze works from around the world, exploding the traditional art lecture into a unique theatrical experience—one that’s at once playful, intellectual, and spiritual.

In conjunction with the April INK performances at the museum, James & Jerome have selected six objects for an artist-curated installation in the spring Object Lab exhibition. Come see some of the objects that inspired them, including an ancient Egyptian tablet, a 19th-century illuminated Quran, and a Yuan dynasty bowl.

INK is presented in collaboration with the ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance at Williams College as part of their CenterSeries.