6/29/20 - Ongoing

On June 29, 2020, President Maud Mandel announced plans to convene an in-person fall semester with a full curriculum of hybrid and remote courses available.  Her full letter can be read here and more details are available on the Williams College COVID-19 webpage. The following questions address plans for the museum during the fall semester.

Will the museum be open?

The museum will be open to Williams students, faculty, and staff, for class use and by appointment for individuals and small groups. The museum is not open to the public at this time, and drop in visits are not possible.

What will the museum hours be?

Museum hours will be by appointment and determined based on class schedule and teaching needs.

Will Object Lab be open?

Yes, Object Lab will be installed and we will welcome fall classes in an appropriately sized gallery.

Will Rose Study Classroom be available for classes?

Classes normally scheduled for Rose will take place in a larger gallery space for safer distancing.

Will there be any hours specifically for community members who are not faculty and staff?

Not at this time. To ensure everyone’s safety, access for public visitors is not available at this time.

Will works of art be available for research?

Depending on condition and location, artworks will be available to Williams students, faculty, and staff for research by appointment. Works from the collection are not accessible to outside researchers at this time.

How will you have social distancing in the museum, including exhibition viewings, small group visits, in-gallery classes, etc.?

All spaces in the museum will be marked for safe circulation at recommended distance. Visitor services staff will help guide classes through the building and help keep safe practices.

What safety measures will be in place at the museum? Will staff and visitors be required to wear a mask? Will hand sanitizer be available? What cleaning procedures are in place?

All people in the museum will be required to wear cloth masks to keep all of us safe. There will be disposable masks available for anyone who has forgotten theirs. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be provided. Wipe down of teaching spaces will occur between classes.

What student engagement and/or internship-type programs will be offered?

WCMA is offering student internships both during the summer and the academic year, including group activities. They are adapted as necessary for remote work.

Will the WALLS program still run for the fall semester?

It is unlikely that the WALLS program will be offered this year.