PARKing Day with Ghana ThinkTank

The Ghana ThinkTank student action team turns Spring Street parking spots into mini parks to spark conversations about the environmental and social impact of commuting by car in our small town. Come on by and pull up a lawn chair for a chat.

20170126 Ghana ThinkTank Opening Celebration. Photo by Tom Adams.

During their spring visit to Williamstown, members of the Indonesian think tank noticed that there was little impromptu social interaction on Williamstown’s main commercial street. They shared a key concept:  mampir, a Javanese word that means “to stop by, drift, come by, or pay a visit.” There seemed little place for this notion in the destination-oriented American mindset, and even fewer opportunities to connect when we’re driving—rather than walking—through our shared spaces.  The solution: make walking irresistible.  The benefits: less Co2, stronger social bonds.

May 4, 2017
11 AM

Ghana ThinkTank

Spring Street

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