Hooshology: J. Morgan Puett

Hooshology | the study of styling, fixing up, shuffling off, or hurrying out within a given context, applying the conceptual tools of fine art.

J. Morgan Puett was born in Hahira, Georgia, in 1957. She received her BFA in painting and sculpture in 1981, then a MFA in sculpture and experimental filmmaking from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1985. Puett is a trans-disciplinary creative producer with accomplished work in the areas of installation art practices, clothing and furniture design, architecture, fine art, film, and more—rearranging these intersections by applying conceptual tools including research-based methods in history, biology, new economies, design, craft and collaboration. Morgan’s early work forged new territory by intervening into the fashion system with a series of storefront installations and clothing/dwelling/event projects in Manhattan in the 1980s and ’90s, then produced a long series of research installations on the histories of the needle trade systems in museums around the world. These past and present works are innovations in the realm of new social engagement.  Puett is the architect of The Mildred’s Lane Project, which continues to forge new ground citing that being is profoundly a social and political practice. Most recently, she co-founded a new project space, A Guide To The Field.

Puett exhibits, lectures and teaches extensively in venues that include MoMA, New York (2012-13); Musashimo Art University, Tokyo (2012); Contemporary Art Center, Tblisi, Republic of Georgia (2012); Creative Time, NYC (2011); Queens Museum of Art, NYC (2010); MoMA, NYC (2010); The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2008); University of Venice, Italy (2005); American Fine Arts Co., NYC (2004); ARTEX, Arnheim, Netherlands (2004); WaveHill, Bronx, NYC; The Fabric Workshop and Museum of Philadelphia (2003-4); Mass MoCA, Ma. (2004); Spoleto, USA, Charleston, S.C., (2002); The Serpentine Gallery & Victoria and Albert Museum, London (2001). Her work is in the Tate Modern in London, The Fabric Workshop and Museum of Philadelphia and in the Museum of Fine Art, Philadelphia.

August 15, 2019
5:30 PM

J. Morgan Puett

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