Online Program | New Ecologies: Sustenance

This interdisciplinary conversation explores the reciprocal ways we nourish and are nourished by both land and community. Bringing together a range of creative practitioners working at the intersections of artistic practice, land stewardship, education, food studies, and activism, this program touches on topics including food justice, ritual, consumption, care, and the ways sustenance builds connections to place and the beings that inhabit them. This free program will be presented online via Zoom.

Jen Salinetti, a co-founder, farmer, and Director of Education & Community Engagement at Woven Roots Farm. Photo: Lise Metzger

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About the Participants

Mandana Boushee is an Iranian-American herbalist, storyteller, earth steward and educator. She weaves her Iranian culture and plant tradition into all facets of her work and is dedicated to re-centering the voices, stories, rituals, and histories of the BIPOC community.

Artist Yoko Inoue’s research-creation includes food issues in the theoretical framework of decolonization, considering the collective act of cooking, critiquing, and consuming food as the cornerstone of the social and spiritual bond. Inoue is a Visual Arts faculty member of Bennington College.

Jen Salinetti (she/her) is a co-founder, farmer, and the Director of Education & Community Engagement at Woven Roots Farm. For over 15 years, Jen has offered workshops and courses that develop relationships to land, build skills of resilience, promote traditional growing practices, and amplify pathways to social justice in the local school system, for the Northeast Organic Farming Association, and for other regional organizations.

Sarah Rara’s multi-disciplinary practice—including performance, writing, and video—explores the position of witness within fragile systems. Her work focuses on states of readiness and attention; actual reality; digging holes; navigation; remote sensing; the diminishing divide between onscreen and offscreen realities; listening; entanglements with and within ecosystems; landlord-tenant relationship and housing justice; and contemplating a feminist objectivity and situated knowledges. Rara is an assistant professor of art at Williams College.

About the Series

New Ecologies: Gatherings Around the Art and Ideas of Our Time is a series of virtual programs that bring together artists, thinkers, and practitioners working across disciplines—many connected directly to the environs of the Berkshire community where the Williams College Museum of Art is located—in conversations that explore the interdisciplinary connections between art, community, humanity, and environment. The idea for the program stems from both an understanding of ecology as the scientific study of organisms’ relationships to one another and to their physical surroundings, as well as a consideration of the root of the word eco, which comes from the Greek oikos, meaning home. These gatherings prompt consideration about the role of art, creativity, and making—in all forms—in the understanding of our place within communities and the natural world.

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February 4, 2021
5:30 PM

This event will take place virtually over Zoom. Registration is required for this free event.

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