Hybrid Practice: Caroline Woolard

A performative talk on the connection between art and organizations, objects and their social and economic contexts.

Woolard’s practice occurs at the intersection of art, urbanism, political economy, and critical design. She creates sculptural objects and participatory platforms that promote new forms of exchange and reimagine existing power structures such as capitalism, higher education, and real-estate. Her projects include OurGoods.org and TradeSchool.coop, international networks that provide barter-only services. Most recently, Woolard founded the WOUND study center, which offers trainings and tools that foreground the relationship between capitalism and time. Her performative talk will discuss the connection between objects and contexts of circulation.

Woolard will also engage Williams College students in a hands-on workshop that explores infrastructure as an artistic medium.

Caroline Woolard, Queer Rocker, 2013. CNC prototype, oak plywood, rachet straps, newspapers. Courtesy of Caroline Woolard.

March 9, 2017
7 PM

Caroline Woolard

Lawrence Hall Auditorium, L231

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