Art Spark Talks at Summer Space

Learn more about some of the art on view in WCMA's Summer Space in these bite-size talks highlighting work in the museum's WALLS (Williams Art Loan for Living Spaces) collection on themes including History + Tension, The Voice of Blackness, Artistic Agency, and (Un)Seeing Again.

WALLS is a special collection of 127 original works of art that go out on loan to Williams College students every semester. This summer, a group of 40 works in the collection by artists including Louise Nevelson, Francisco de Goya, Titus Kaphar, Margaret Bourke-White, Kiki Smith, Wifredo Lam, and Marc Chagall are on view for visitors to enjoy.

Javier Robelo: “Artistic Agency”

Javier will look at three works: Alexander Calder’s Acrobats, Claes Oldenburg, Equitable Building as a Pencil Sharpener; and Jim Dine’s Tool Box 3. His spark talk will look at the insights these works provide into the life, interests, and practices of the artists who made them while considering the potential for artists to create new perspectives and redefine the world around us.

Jim Dine, Toolbox 3

Meadhbh Gianne: “History + Tension”

Meadhbh will focus on three works: Bill Eppridge, Apollo 11 Roll-Out, Cape Canaveral, Florida, May 20, 2969, David Hockney, Two Lemons and Four Limes, Santa Monica, 1976, and Goya, Quien mas rendido. Her Talk will discuss ideas of history and tension in art, and how these themes are present throughout time, medium, and space. Meadhbh will also talk about her own unconventional experience with WALLS, and how working at WCMA this summer has allowed her to find a connection with these works outside of the semester.

Bill Eppridge, Apollo 11 Roll-out, Cape Canaveral

August 13, 2019
3 AM

Summer Space
76 Spring Street
Williamstown, MA

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