9/6/19 - 3/16/20

Chad Weinard, Mellon Manager of Digital Initiatives, WCMA Digital

All At Once invites an algorithmic, data-driven dive into WCMA’s collection. Developed by Studio TheGreenEyl, a design and research practice, the project presents WCMA’s collection as a whole, seen from a new perspective, and allows new adjacencies and connections to come to the fore.


All At Once: Index is an immersive interactive installation that fills the walls of WCMA’s new multipurpose space. High resolution images of collection objects are sorted into clusters based on visual similarity, juxtaposing items that are otherwise conceptually or historically distant. An augmented reality (AR) app (no longer available) suggested new connections between objects, based on collection data.

An augmented reality app shows connections between works of art in the interective installation All At Once

All At Once: Sequence explores algorithmic juxtaposition in one dimension, instead of two. In this video installation, images from WCMA’s collection are ordered by visual similarity—an algorithm “sees” a strong connection between one image and the next—and presented as a fast-flowing stream through time. Over the course of 10 minutes, visual trends and particularities come and go as the collection is seen in a new way.

All At Once: Sequence was presented in the WCMA on Spring Museum Shop (now closed). The video was accompanied by a printed strip of collection images that encircled the room—an immersive intervention that inserts the collection into alternative spaces.

All At Once is an independent research project by Studio TheGreenEyl. (Concept and design by Frédéric Eyl & Richard The; App development and machine learning by Agnes Chang.) This prototype installation builds on the open-access data and images developed by WCMA Digital; it’s presented as part of an ongoing exploration of next-generation collection interfaces.
Installation views